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The Global Career, Economic and Lifestyle™ Connection

for Progressive Professionals


The Viable Source of Top Talent™ for Diversity Focused Employers [MPN] is the fastest growing global Career, Economic and Lifestyle Connection™ for mature and progressive minority and women professionals across the USA and abroad and has become a Viable Source of Top Talent™ for Diversity-Focused employers, recruiters, government agencies and staffing agencies which target talented diverse individuals who can positively impact the bottom line of their company or organization (or the bottom line of their clients). 


MPN’s scope is global, and its brand and volume are continuously increasing via a fast-growing support base and increasing media coverage from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and Internet articles, links and promotion by other sites.


MPN primarily targets diversity-focused employers, governmental agencies, recruiters; progressive culturally diverse corporate, business, organizational and student professionals; entrepreneurs / business owners and event planners.  We encourage such persons and others to visit the MPN site, advertise their various opportunities, products, services or functions, and/or to subscribe to newsletters to benefit from MPN’s robust and value-added site and offline service offerings.


MPN is interested in developing and sustaining mutually rewarding strategic partnerships and alliances with corporations, recruiters, and staffing agencies that would benefit our respective entities, and most importantly, our rapidly expanding base of culturally diverse and women professionals.  We would welcome a follow up phone call or e-mail to discuss partnering possibilities with your company and possible next steps in establishing a mutually rewarding alliance.  Thanks for considering MPN, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 




MPN’s scope is global, and its brand and volume are continuously increasing via a fast-growing support base and increasing media coverage from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and Internet articles, links and promotion by other sites.


About MPN:

§  “Value Network” Launched in 1998, Web Site Provides Value for All Races, Ethnicities and Genders

§  The Global Career, Economic & Lifestyle Connection™ for Progressive Professionals

§  The Viable Source of Top Talent for Diversity-Focused Employers™

§  Web Site Accessed by 1.7 Million+ Users from 50 U.S. States and 49 International Countries

§  300,000+ e-Communications database; 65,000+ unique site visitors per month; 1.5 Million+ server hits per month

§  U.S. Audience Includes Persons of African, Asian, Caribbean, Hispanic & Native American Descent

§  Also Serving Women, and Persons of Arab, Canadian, Caribbean, European, Jewish, Pacific Descent



MPN Content, Resources and Services Include:

§  FREE Global Calendar Listings

§  Job Listings & Career Event Listings

§  FREE Non-Profit Organization Listings/Links

§  News, Articles, Press Releases and Profiles

§  FREE e-Newsletters

§  Global Minority/Women Business Directory 

§  FREE Online Career Center / Resume Posting

§  Employer Advertising and Sponsorship

§  Wealth Accumulation Resources

§  Enhanced General Advertising

§  Entrepreneurship Resources

§  Career, Economic, Lifestyle & Networking Events

§  Student Resources

§  Business & Technology Consulting Services


MPN's primary goals include –


q       Continuously providing relevant, tangible, valuable, robust, beneficial, interesting, and timely information, content and resources to our target market of progressive minority and women professionals across the U.S. and abroad via our global network, website, e-Newsletters, alliances, and offline initiatives.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere Career, Economic and Lifestyle Connection™ global online “value network” and resource center for progressive minority and women professionals and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and abroad.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere online global diversity resource connection and the Viable Source of Top Talent™ for diversity focused employers, recruiters and staffing agencies.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere global resource connection and advocate for marketing, promoting, and encouraging support of minority business enterprises and member-based organizations and groups.

q       Assisting in the development, mentoring, and support resources for progressive minority students aiming to make a profound impact on society as future entrepreneurs, or corporate, organizational, business, or community leaders or key contributors.

q       Sponsoring offline initiatives that generally encourage and support cultural and diversity awareness and appreciation, minority wealth accumulation and retention, networking, economic development, career development and lifestyle balance.

q       Attracting, rewarding, retaining, developing and promoting enthusiastic, talented, committed and visionary individuals who are excited about the unlimited potential and possibilities of our evolving “value network.”



q       FREE Candidate Resume Posting

q       FREE Candidate Job Alert Notifications

q       Employer Job Listings

q       Employer Resume Database Browsing

q       Dedicated Employer Profile Pages

q       Employer Marketing, Branding, Recruiting Site, e-Newsletter & e-Broadcast Ads

q       Online Career Center (with Featured Job Listings, JOB Alert Notifications, lings to Career Fair Listings and Student Resources)

q       Global Career Fair/Events Channel

q       FREE Career Center e-Newsletter (featured JOB listings, career fair listings, internships, articles, profiles, ...)

q       Dedicated Career Services Business Unit  w/ Strategic Business and Partnership Development Resources


q       Minority Business Network Directory (60+ category pages)

q       Minority Business Network e-Newsletter

q       Wealth Accumulation Channel

q       Entrepreneurship Channel

q       Offline Events & Initiatives

q       Entrepreneurial / Small Business Services

q       Business & Technology Consulting & Services

q       Business & Technology Partnership Provider Services Network

q       Affiliate Partner Programs

q       Automated and Convenient e-Commerce and Invoice Payment Options


q       FREE Local / National / Global Events Calendar  (80+ listing category options)

q       70+ FREE Geographical Area Calendar Pages

q       70+ FREE Geographical Area e-Newsletters (articles, profiles, resources, networking opportunities, ...)

q       55 U.S. Geographical Area calendar pages

q       16 non-U.S. Geographical Area calendar pages (East Africa, East Asia, Germany, London, Mexico, Paris, Caribbean/Island Destinations, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)

q       A Global Calendar page

q       Minority Organization Network Directory (60+ category pages)

q       Student Resource Network Channel and e-Newsletter

q       Book Channel and e-Newsletter 

q       Global search features to easily locate and view job listings, calendar listings, organization listings and business listings 

q          .... and more ...


The MPN calendar has no geographic boundaries since our audience represents over 50 U.S. states and 49 international countries.  Hence, the MPN calendar is very robust and includes a variety of local, national and global listing types, including –


q       workshops, seminars, conferences, conventions …

q       announcements, community service, faith-based …

q       arts/cultural; professional, civic, political, sorority, and fraternity …

q       professional or member-based organizational events and meetings …

q       social, networking, festivals, exhibits, career fairs, plays, concerts, etc. 


If the event or announcement is of interest, relevance and/or benefit to a typical progressive person, particularly minorities or women, we encourage you to click on our FREE Calendar Listings channel to submit your calendar listing request.  The MPN calendar is continuously updated and remains fresh!      Click on the General Advertising channel for nominal cost enhanced calendar listings rates and descriptions for those seeking additional exposure via the MPN site and newsletters.  


The MPN network is far-reaching and continuously growing! 

Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for your business with a fast-growing diverse audience of potential customers, clients, alliance partners and minority/women business supporters by listing it via the MPN Global Business Network Directory



The MPN network is a fast-growing value and viable network for Top Diversity Talent.  We are strategically developing relationships with corporate and small business employers, organizations, staffing agencies, recruiters, placement agencies, institutions, government agencies, and other entities that value and are focusing on adding qualified and talented diverse individuals to their organizations.  Visit our Career Center to view Featured Job Listings, search our complete Jobs database, view Career Fair Listings, and sign-up for JOB ALERT notifications.  The Employer Network also features a dedicated Career Fair/Events channel and FREE Candidate Resume postings.   


Employers and recruiters seeking top minority talent are encouraged to visit our Employer Advertising channel or MPN Employer Intro summary announcement for additional details and information. 


MPN offers complimentary listings and links to member-based Minority or Women Non-Profit Organizations and Groups! 

Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to gain FREE exposure for your organization and attract potential new members, support, awareness, and potential partners for your organization or groups.  The current category types include, but are not limited to –


q       business organizations, college associations …

q       community service, foundations, entrepreneurial …

q       financial/accounting, fraternities/sororities, healthcare …

q       human resources, information technology, journalism/media …

q       legal, networking/coalitions, political/special interest …

q       sales/marketing, technical/professional, travel/leisure ... 


Create additional awareness about your organization by clicking on our Minority Org Network channel to have it listed and linked.


The information, content and resources on MPN are continuously updated! 

Stay connected on the latest jobs, events, announcements, articles, profiles, resources ... by clicking on SUBSCRIBE and signing up to receive one or more regular MPN newsletter updates that are of interest, benefit and relevance to you. 


Career Connection Newsletter: Includes featured job listings, career fair listings, student resources, career or personal development articles, profiles, and limited advertising.  To view copies of select recent MPN e-Newsletters, please visit the MPN e-Newsletter Archives page to view newsletter options and past newsletter samples.


Geographical Area e-News Update:  Each MPN Geographical Area (currently, there are over 55 U.S. and 16 non-U.S. areas, with additional markets to be added) is sent a regular newsletter update which includes featured events, news, articles, profiles, and limited local or regional advertising specific to that market, as well as select Featured Job listings.


OTHER Newsletters: MPN other e-Newsletter options include the Student Resource Network (SRN), Minority Business Network (MBN), Book Channel, Monthly Global Calendar, and Global Quarterly (or Special Edition). 


The MPN site has been designed as a highly interactive medium and portal which allows our user, subscriber, partner and advertiser communities to quickly and effortlessly find or submit content, resources, tools and data without necessarily requiring direct assistance from our staff.  Our listing or submittal interfaces (calendar, jobs, business, articles, organizations, career events, resumes), and our order and payment processing system are fully automated, and thus users or advertising clients may not necessarily require any direct assistance. 


Please note the following summary descriptions and links for key online features, main content channels, and other select MPN site pages and resources based on your specific interests.  Nevertheless, Please do not hesitate to phone the MPN Main Office at 888.676.6389 or 770.322.9323 with questions, requests for clarification or if additional assistance is required.



q        “SUBSCRIBE” button - (subscribe to any of MPN’s 80+ e-Communications Offerings)

q       “JOB SEEKERS” button - (MPN Online Career Center home page with featured job listings, career news/articles, employer profile images and links, and Job Seekers access to job aides and resources)

q       “EMPLOYERS” button - (MPN Employer-Specific online and offline service offerings and descriptions, overview presentation, advertising rate schedules, standard partnership / sponsorship package offerings, traffic and demographics summary reports, registered employers LOGIN Interface for posting jobs and viewing candidate resumes, etc.)

q        “HOME” interface - (return to the MPN Home Page)

q       “CONTACT US interface - (MPN primary contact phone numbers, mailing address, and e-mail inquiry forms to reach the main office, MPN Executives, MPN Business Units or MPN Departments)

q       “EMAIL US” interface - (MPN general e-mail inquiry form)



q       MPN Overview, Traffic and Demographics presentation -

q       Employer Advertising Offerings -

q       General (or Non-Employer) Advertising Offerings -

q       Partner (Sponsor) Packages -

q       Global Business Directory home page -

q       Global Organization Directory home page -

q       FREE Calendar Listings Interface -

q       FREE Organization Listings Interface -

q       FREE Articles / Press Release / Content Listings Interface -

q       FREE Candidate Resume Posting –

q       FREE Candidate Job Alert Notifications -

q       Business Listings Interface -

q       MPN Press Room -

q       MPN Photo Archives - 

q       MPN e-Newsletter & e-Broadcast Archives -

q       Start (Credit Card) Order form -

q       Start (Non-Credit Card) Invoice form -


q       Home Page:  provides access to a wide variety of business, career, and lifestyle opportunities including articles, job listings, calendar of events, MPN’s network of businesses and organizations, and general information about the MPN.

q       General Advertising channel:  illustrates general advertising options including website ads, newsletters, and email announcements along with cost and payment options.  It also lists partnership, sponsorship and affiliate partner opportunities.

q       Employer Advertising channel:  provides existing and future employer subscribers with the opportunity to create new or update existing job postings.  Rates and purchase agreements can also be accessed as well as an overview and history of the MPN Employer Network.

q       Career Center channel:  through the Career Center channel, you can view “featured” job listings, employer profile display ads, register for job alert notifications, post your resume, search the MPN job database, view a list of career fairs, subscribe to the career center newsletter, and have access to the student resource network.  You can also view a list of featured jobs along with important articles relating to career growth.

q       Career Events channel:  dated list of featured and standard career-related job fairs and events, as well as employer profile display ads.

q       Free Resume Posting interface:  through this interface, you can post your resume free of charge for diversity-focused employers to view.

q       Global Event Calendar channel:  provides access to all global events by conducting either a category or keyword search.  You can also view featured calendar listings, announcements, and articles.

q       Free Calendar Listings interface:  through this interface, you can create new “dated” calendar or announcement entries, or modify existing entries.

q       Minority Biz Network channel:  provides access to a global directory of minority and women-owned businesses, company profiles, news, articles, featured businesses, premier events along with some spotlights from all types of business industries.  You can also register your business through this channel.

q       Register Your Business interface:  illustrates the Minority Business Network Registration interface as well as standard and enhanced advertising descriptions and rates.  You also have the capacity to modify existing entries in order to maximize exposure on the MPN network.

q       Minority Organization Network channel:  provides access to a global directory listing of member-based non-profit organizations, company profiles, news, articles, featured organizations, premier events along with some spotlights from all types of non-profit organizations.

q       Student Resource Network channel:  provides access to news and articles of interest to minority students as well as a list of recommended events.  You also have access to a list of internship, graduate fellowship, undergraduate scholarship, and financial aid links.

q       Entrepreneurship channel:  through this channel, you will find a listing of news articles of interest to minority professionals.  You can access recommended events, featured articles and books along with MBE and WBE classification guidelines, certification organizations, and other resource links.

q       Wealth Accumulation channel:  features articles on how to increase your income potential, lists event recommendations, and focuses on real estate and stock market investment articles, books, and links to these types of markets.

q       Book Channel:  provides insight on book reviews and articles, author profiles, literary events as well as featured events and businesses.

q       Submit Articles/Content interface:  through this channel, you can submit articles, book reviews, and other commentaries in the areas of career, economic, and lifestyle interests to minority professionals.  You can also modify existing entries.

q       About MPN channel:  lists MPN’s mission, primary areas of focus, facts, background, co-founder information including bios, press room clippings featuring MPN, employment opportunities, and frequently asked questions.

q       “Affiliate Partners” interface:  illustrates MPN Affiliate / Referral Partner terms and conditions including affiliate partner responsibilities, revenue sharing terms, MPN capabilities, scope of work, goals, and a section for signatures.

q       “Ad Agency Partners” interface:  illustrates MPN Advertising Agency Partner Registration Agreement terms and conditions including agency partner responsibilities, revenue sharing terms, MPN capabilities, scope of work, goals, and a section for signatures.

q       “Press Room” channel:  includes press releases about MPN, company presentation, frequently asked questions, co-founder bios, marketing images, MPN in the news, quotes about MPN, MPN offline events and initiatives as well as contact information.

q       “Photo Archives” channel:  through this channel, you can access photos from major events either hosted, sponsored, supported, or attended by MPN and its members


Again, thanks in advance for advertising your event, organization, business, company, corporation or job opportunities to MPN's fast growing audience of talented minority and women professionals.


Thanks and Best Regards!

Minority Professional Network (MPN)



Minority Professional Network (MPN)

The Global Career, Economic and Lifestyle Connection™ for Progressive Professionals

The Viable Source of Top Talent for Diversity-Focused Employers™


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USA Toll Free: (888) MPN-NETWORK (888-676-6389)

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