March 2009



Rising Job Losses and the Impact on African-Americans and Latinos



(Atlanta, Georgia)  C.J. Bland, founder and CEO of Minority Professional Network (, was recently interviewed on CNN by weekend Anchor Don Lemon.  The topic of the segment was rising U.S. job losses and the disproportionate impact on African-Americans and Latinos.


Given the time constraints allotted for the on-air interview, unfortunately, Anchor Lemon and CEO Bland were not able to have extensive dialogue on possible reasons for the disparities or discuss the pre-interview questions.


During the roughly 34-hour period between receiving the invitation and appearing on-air, Mr. Bland documented his own talking points as well as interviewed or solicited feedback from dozens of others to gauge their thoughts on the reasons for the disparities and their responses to the five pre-interview questions.


CNN's Ali Velshi's interpretation of the recent employment numbers, Bland's pre-interview preparation notes, and comments shared by others in response to the disparities and pre-interview questions are available online -



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