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Who Are America's Richest African Americans, Latinos, and Women? New Personal Finance Magazines Reveal The Richest Minorities

May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Who are America's richest Latinos and African-Americans? Black Fortune (http://www.blackfortunemag.com/) and Latino Money Magazine (http://www.latinomoney.com/) published its richest 100 African Americans and 50 richest Latinos for June 2002. The top five richest are as follows:

1. Robert Johnson                        1. Roberto Gouizeto family
     (BET founder)                          (Late CEO of Coke Inc.)
     $1.45 billion                            $1.3 billion

  2. Oprah Winfrey                        2. Prudencio Unanue family
     (Talk-show host)                     (Founders of Goya Foods)
     $940 million                            $700 million

  3. John Johnson                         3. Antonio R. Sanchez Jr. and family
     (Magazine Publisher)              (Founder of Sanchez-O'Brien Oil)
     $520 million                            $240 million

  4. The family of                          4. Arturo Torres
      Reginald Lewis                      (Pizza Hut franchiser)
     (Late CEO of TLC Beatrice)     $190 million
     $430 million

  5. Catherine Hughes                   5. Alex Rodrigruez
      and family                             (Baseball Player)
     (Founder of Radio One)           $163 Million
     $420 million

The richest women list will be published in September of 2002. It took 10 months to gather and review information for these lists. For valuations of shareholders of public companies, we mainly relied on proxy statements, insider-trading documents, and where relevant we subtracted the tax rate from sales of shares.

The valuations for private company shareholders had many thorny valuation issues that concerned illiquidity of assets and confidential shareholder interest records. We relied on our own financial researchers and independent consultants with backgrounds in valuing private companies as well as athletes and entertainers.

The rich lists are apart of the marketing effort to enhance the images of successful women, Latinos, and Blacks and encourage these investment groups to learn more about personal finance. "We are interested in making sure that all Americans are pushing ahead in their career and their nest egg," said Dora Thomas, co-founder of Black Fortune Magazine.

Niche Lab is a private venture capital group. It was founded in June of 2001. The group financed Int'l Multimedia Software and Latino Money, Black Fortune, Women's Money, and Smarter Retirement Planning Magazine. The publications have attracted some interest from financial service firms such as Charles Schwab looking to increase their brand awareness among minority investors.

For further information, contact: Sheila Nevins at Niche Lab Capital Group, +1-516-292-2438, sheilanevins@yahoo.com

Source: Niche Lab

Contact: Sheila Nevins at Niche Lab Capital Group, +1-516-292-2438, or






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