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Briscoe's Leisure Travel:  Smooth Sailing

for Your Vacation Planning


Article Written By Thomas Brooks

MPN Senior Webzine Editor


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Rockwall, TX - Deidre Carter-Briscoe, owner of Briscoe's Leisure Travel is a leisure travel specialist who has been in the business for three years.  She started the company after having initially been introduced to the travel industry through a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.  Though she did not stay with the MLM company, she did stick with the travel industry.


"Due to the constraints that the airlines have placed on travel agencies, I only supply leisure travel packages," said Carter-Briscoe.  "My biggest hurdle in launching my business was determining which marketing
tools to use.  In the beginning I would buy into any marketing or promotional opportunity that was offered.  I initially spent my promotional dollars inefficiently because I was so excited and wanted to make my new business work."

Modest about her success, the agency has a steadily growing
customer base with repeat customers and many referrals.  "I would
attribute my success to patience and determination," added Carter-Briscoe.  "It doesn't happen overnight."

Carter-Briscoe's target market is what she calls unseasoned minority travelers.  She initially worked with a lot of customers who were college students and that experience helped her realize that she wanted to reach out to people that had not traveled before.

"Because of the unseasoned travelers I target,  I offer payment plans," explains Carter-Briscoe.  "Some minority people tend to believe that they cannot afford to travel.  Many in the generation before us did not experience international travel, saying that 'they would wait until they
retire.'  Then once they reached retirement, lack of money or poor health often stood in their way.  I enable the minority traveler to overcome these barriers."


Carter-Briscoe endeavors to treat each customer as if they are her 'only' customer.  She forms a friendship with them.  She remembers being a customer of travel agencies in the past, and not liking the treatment she received.  As a result, she goes the extra mile to extend courtesies to her customer base.


The mantra of Briscoe's Leisure Travel can be applied to any minority-owned small business:  "Be patient.  Be determined.  Be kind.  Treat the customer as you would want to be treated. Realize that success will come if you work hard and smart.  And, if success doesn't come, you will have the comfort of knowing that you gave it your all."

New and existing customers can reach Briscoe's Leisure Travel by phone at (972) 772-9396, via e-mail at leisurefuntravel@yahoo.com or via the Internet at http://www.leisurefuntravel.net.



Thomas Brooks is the Vice-President of Marketing and Senior Webzine Editor for Minority Professional Network, LLC.  Follow this link for Thomas' Bio.


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