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Article Written By Thomas Brooks

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Atlanta, Georgia — The Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta (AKPA) has been recently established.  Dr. Yusuf Nzibo, Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States officially launched the organization.  The mission of the organization is to promote the well being, advancement, and wealth of Kenyans in America.  While the initial focus is on the Atlanta area, the organization expects to be the first chapter of a national organization of Kenyan Professionals.

Through the Development Committee, the AKPA identifies and coordinates investment projects in Kenya.  The Immigration Committee provides immigration assistance to its members including providing access to preferred legal advisors.  The Networking Committee works to develop relationships with other like-minded business and professional organizations for the benefit of its members.  The Investment Committee seeks to educate members on wealth building opportunities including stock investing and real estate investing.

The Education Committee has developed a program called the AKPA Success Mentoring Program (SMP).  The goal is to help Kenyan undergraduate students excel academically, reach graduation, and get a strong start in the chosen profession.  Initially, there will be a special focus on the roughly 120 Kenyan students at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.  Students from Emory University and Spelman College will also take advantage of the program.

“The challenge is that roughly 60-70% of the Kenyan college students in this area do not graduate on time, or do not graduate at all,” said Dr. Njeri Karangu of Spelman College.  “The AKPA will provide one-on-one mentoring and a number of specific workshops covering immigration issues, the U. S. higher education system, health care, American cultural challenges, and social life.  The mentors will receive the personal satisfaction from making a difference in the life of younger Kenyans in America.  The mentors will also increase their future professional network of contacts.”

“The students will gain insight into corporate America, explore different career alternatives, develop ‘soft’ skills, and find internship opportunities,” said Dr. Karangu.  “We will also help the students reduce their focus on instant gratification, help with their confidence, and improve their time management and study skills.”

The new organization also has strong vision for the future.  “The long term goals of the AKPA include the creation of a Kenyan Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta,” said AKPA Chairman Charles Kagochi.  “We believe that at least 2 or 3 millionaires should emerge from this organization in the next 4 or 5 years by leveraging the organization’s wealth accumulation initiatives.  We also look forward to enabling other chapters of a national organization of Kenyan Professionals in cities like Washington, DC, Dallas, Houston, and New York by partnering with organizations like Kenya Community Abroad.”

The AKPA is actively seeking new members in general, and volunteers for its Success Mentoring Program.  To join AKPA, contact Iruku Makanga, Secretary, at (770) 974-2050 or at akpaatlanta@yahoo.com.  The February 16th meeting will address finances and tax preparation.  On March 16th, two speakers will discuss stocks, wealth accumulation and investment club formation.


Thomas Brooks is the Vice-President of Marketing and Senior Webzine Editor for Minority Professional Network, LLC.  Follow this link for Thomas' Bio.



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