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Next Step: The Atlanta Promise

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin


The Metro Atlanta Chamber Ask for Your Assistance

"Please Support the Next Step 2006 Summer Internship Program, and Give a Kid a Break"

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin wants your support to help Atlanta Public Schools place graduating high school seniors in summer jobs.   These internships will expand their education beyond the classroom and expose them to the business world.  Please get involved. 



  • Duration: June 5 - July 28, 2006

  • Hours Required: 35 -40 hours per week

  • Wages: $8 - $12 per hour

  • Transportation: Students will rely on public transportation for their commute.

  • Interview and Selection Process: Students will be placed by the Next Steps Program. All students have been pre-screened, completed a detailed application and met regularly with a designated counselor to determine interests and direction.

  • Basic Intern Job Duties: The structure of the internship is determined by the hiring company, but should include exposure to an office environment.

  • Evaluation Process: Weekly follow-up will be made by Next Step staff. At the completion of the program, both the students and employers are surveyed.


For more details about the Next Step Program, please visit -  


Please click on links below for related Next Step Program information -

The above files are in PDF format, CLICK HERE to download Adobe Acrobat reader. 


Please direct any questions to -  

Ms. Dianne M. Burnsed
Georgia Power Company
Assisting the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Shirley Franklin
Phone: 404-226-0841

Email: DMBURNSE@southernco.com



Please support this vital and very important initiative.  As a product of the inner city and public school system while growing up in New Orleans, I know that a program like this would have immensely benefited and likely had a positive and significant life altering impact on the lives and future direction of so many of my peers.  Unfortunately, because programs and initiatives like Next Step did not exist, the lack thereof probably contributed to many of my peers succumbing to the environment in which we grew up and lived in, and thus subsequently not realizing their fullest potential to the maximum benefit of all concerned, including their existing and future families, communities, and society. 


However, now, thanks to programs like Next Step, and as a result of instant and widespread communications to generate increased awareness, all of you and I have a chance to make a difference in the lives and futures of youth today, starting with this 2006 APS graduating class.  In addition to the direct benefit to the students, other resulting benefits of employing these 500+ younger people would likely include a positive impact on communities and families, a better aware and prepared workforce of tomorrow, and generally a positive impact on our overall society.


I immensely salute, applaud, and thank Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and her staff, the Metro Atlanta Chamber (Chairman, Michael Garrett, Georgia Power CEO, and Sam Williams, President) and its staff, Atlanta Public Schools (Dr. Beverly Hall) and its board and staff, and all others involved in creating and supporting the vision and implementation of this vital initiative.


If you're in a position to hire or influence hiring of one or more of these younger persons, please do so.  If you're not, please share this announcement with others who might be able to assist with summer internship hiring or placement of 500+ APS 2006 graduates for two months (June, July) before they embark on the next step in their lives. 


Thanks for your support!




C. J. Bland

CEO / Co-Founder

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