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Minority Professional Network and CEO CJ Bland featured in Atlanta Journal Constitution Article


(Atlanta, Georgia – April 2007) – Minority Professional Network and its CEO and Co-founder featured in April 26, 2007 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).  A transcript of the article is below.


STONE MOUNTAIN: Global online networker
Founder of Web site for minorities trained as engineer

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/26/07

As a child living in New Orleans public housing, C.J. Bland said he was "very motivated by my environment to want to do better."

He loved math and science, and at age 10, he decided to become an engineer.

"In high school, I was voted most studious and most likely to succeed," Bland said.

He earned degrees in physics and electrical engineering from Dillard and Southern universities, got a master's in business administration from the University of Houston at Clear Lake, then began a career with NASA and AT&T.

By 1998, Bland had moved to Stone Mountain and started two electronic newsletters —- the Atlanta Info Connection focused on local meetings and events, and the Job Info Connection focused on career opportunities across the nation.

"Those were the foundation for the network we have today," said Bland, whose newsletters evolved and expanded into the Minority Professional Network.

Bland describes the Minority Professional Network as a "global career, economic and lifestyle connection for progressive, multicultural professionals worldwide."

Since going online at the end of 2001, the company has posted tens of thousands of job, business, nonprofit and calendar listings, said Bland, co-founder of the firm.

People who go to the company Web site — www.MPNsite.com — can find networking opportunities all over the world.

Clients include the U.S. State Department, Xerox Corp., PriceWaterhouseCoopers accounting firm, AirTran airline, MetLife insurance company and Merck pharmaceuticals.

"Most of the time, they're looking for us to help with some kind of diversity outreach," Bland said. "Periodically, we may do some type of executive search."

The company had "about $275,000 in revenue" last year, Bland said.

Not bad for a kid from humble beginnings.

5 things you didn't know . . .... about C.J. Bland

1. Started reading newspapers at age 7.

2. Was too shy to attend his high school prom.

3. His mother and siblings, displaced by Katrina, live in Dallas.

4. At age 43, is "still a bachelor" but is "in a relationship."

5. Was appointed to the ARC board by DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones.


An electronic version of the article can also be viewed online as follows:
         or http://www.ajc.com/search/content/metro/atlanta/stories/2007/04/26/clxpeople0426a.html


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