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Functionality to submit "automated" online purchase transactions via this form has been temporarily disabled, but you can still advertise via MPN.  Please proceed with the following process to place online ads -


Please CLICK HERE to send your advertising request to us via e-mail.


Include your ad content in the body of the e-mail or as a text or MS Word attachment.


Specify your ad type (e.g., Qty 1 online recruiting package; 30-day featured calendar listing, 90-day featured business listing, etc.).


We will promptly activate your ad and send you an activation confirmation and payment request invoice.

If you have any questions, require assistance or are interested in any of our e-Marketing offerings or offline services, please call our office at 770.322.9323 or 888.676.6389 for assistance.


MPN Online Support



Automated Ad Activation System

For Non-Credit Card Orders

(Use for Payment by Check or Money Order and/or for Insertion Orders, Invoice or POs)


If You Prefer to Pay By Credit Card, Please Click On Image Below

Your credit card information is safe with us! Our e-Commerce Payment processing system is

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"NON-CREDIT CARD" ORDER Activation Process Overview

  1. Please enter the initial information requested below in STEP 1 and click on SUBMIT to start your online order.  MPN will use this information to contact you should there be any questions about your order or should there be an error during processing.

  2. On the next form, in STEP 2, you will select the desired "QUANTITY" and "AD OFFERING" from each line item dropdown menu category and click on "ADD TO CART" to add an item to your order.    

  3. On the next form, in STEP 3, the system will automatically generate and display a unique MPN Customer ID.  Please note this system generated MPN Customer ID and the password you enter below.

  4. On the next form, in STEP 4, please verify that the items selected and order total is accurate, and select the "CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE" button to continue.

  5. In STEP 5, you will complete the authorizer's  "Guarantor Identification Data," print the form, have the authorized person sign the form, and fax it to the MPN Office. 

  6. In STEP 6, please note the MPN mailing address to send your check or money order payment.

  7. After noting your unique MPN Customer ID and PASSWORD, in STEP 7, click on ACTIVATE ORDER to transfer to the MPN Online Order Purchase Activation Menu, Please follow the listed instructions to activate your purchase.


Please note the following before proceeding to Step 1 below:

Your order will not be activated until MPN receives the signed payment guarantee authorization form.


Virtually all MPN offerings involve marketing, communications, advertising or services.  Therefore, ALL purchases initiated through this interface are final and refunds will not be issued.   

bulletIf you have questions, concerns or require assistance regarding your order, please call 888.MPN.NETWORK (676-6389) or 770.322.9323.  

Thanks for your purchase!

STEP 1: Purchaser Contact Data 


Company/Entity Name**
Purchaser Contact Data** First Name**
Last Name**
Title / Role**
Phone Number**
Your Desired Password** (Enter Between 6 and 10 chars)**
Web Site URL  
How Did You Locate MPN?**  Entity Referral or Other Source**

Please Remember your password to access submission pages after your order is processed.



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