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Featured Upcoming Event
Featured Upcoming Events Featured MPN Hiring Partners
Event Title Date(s)
Fiesta Del Sol: The Largest Latino Festival in the Midwest (7/25 - 7/28) 7/25-7/28
Chicago Housing Authority Workshop Series 2013 7/25
Jeff Fest – Arts and Music Festival 2013 (7/26 - 7/28) 7/26-7/28
Taste of Lincoln Avenue 7/26-7/28
Children Sure House Foundation Networking Mixer 7/26
Wicker Park Fest 2013 7/27-7/28
Chicago Business Networking Event 8/8
The Art of Giving Back: "Inspiring the Lawyers of Tomorrow" 8/8
Chicago Children's Museum Play for Children and Families with Disabilities 8/10
Chicago Job Fair 8/12
Taste of Latin America 8/23-8/25
Illinois' Overdose Awareness Day Rally & Vigil 8/24
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Featured Upcoming Event
Featured Small Businesses Post Free or Featured Listing
Business Name

Whitmore's Landscaping, Inc.

United Information Technologies (UIT)

The San Jose Group

Sterling Financial Services

Lord and King Associates

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Featured Organizations Post Free or Featured Listing

Organization Name

National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)

Chicago Minority Business Development Council (CMBDC)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA)

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Featured News, Articles, Releases & Commentary Post Free Content Listing

Content Title

Career Role Models Portfolio - Help women step up to their potential

CDC Reports Teen Drivers at Risk: Wear Seatbelts ... Don't Text While Driving!!

The Myth of My Customer Smashed

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