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The Terms Stated in this Agreement are Valid Through December 31, 2004


This agreement made on  by and between Minority Professional Network (MPN), Inc. whose address is P.O. Box 55399, Atlanta, GA 30308 and (Agency),  (agency, corporation, organization, entity, individual) whose address is .  The parties for themselves, their heirs, legal representatives, successors and assignors, agree as follows.  This initial agreement would commence on   and expire of 12-31-2004.  The agreement would then be re-evaluated at the end of this period by both parties at which time a decision to extend or cancel this agreement would be made.



Advertising Agencies are often retained by many companies, organizations, event planners, and other entities to determine and prioritize which print, broadcast and online mediums to use in spending their marketing display and recruitment ad dollars.


MPN is a prime advertising medium for Agencies and their clients seeking to market their products, services, jobs, companies, organizations, announcements, or promotions to a progressive, highly diverse, and geographically dispersed audience of culturally diverse and women cross-functional business and corporate professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.  MPN is a preferred medium given our target audience, scope and focus, coupled with our demographics, site traffic, subscriber community, aggregate user community, site and e-Communications marketing options and capabilities, partnerships, and robust model and structure with relevant, beneficial, and value-focused product and services offerings which collectively enables our network to continuously attract and grow our user and subscriber audience.


MPN is most interested in developing strategic relationships with and sustaining contact with Ad Agencies that lead to ongoing referral business that leads to mutual value and benefit for our network of 1.5 Million+ users and subscribers, and the Agency’s end-client (in helping to effectively address, support and add tangible value to their diversity marketing, recruiting and branding initiatives, goals and objectives) while concurrently maximizing the fiscal and measurable value and benefits for our Ad Agency partners and the MPN network. 


Therefore, with an aim of creating a win-win for all stakeholders (e.g., the end-client, MPN users and subscribers, the Ad Agency, and the MPN network), MPN seeks to provide incentives and fiscal benefits by making all of our advertising rates "Agency Commissionable."  As noted on our rate tables, all of our rates have a standard 20% agency commissionable rate.  Thus, if an insertion order comes to MPN from an Ad Agency, and the gross charge for the services is $1000, either MPN could invoice the client $1000 directly and send the agency a commission check for $200, or reflect the retail charges as $1000 but invoice the agency $800 (if the agency is processing the payment on behalf of the client, which is often the case), or allow the registered Ad Agency to reduce the gross amount due by 20% and pay the $800 online via our e-Commerce system (or by mailing a check).


Ad Agencies are asked to generally encourage clients and others, especially those targeting a progressive minority and women business owners and professionals, to consider the MPN website, e-Communications offerings, and offline services as a viable and valuable medium for providing maximum geographical (local, regional, national, global) or functional / interest specific exposure and benefit to a rapidly growing audience of progressive diverse individuals.



Any person, group or entity entering into this revenue-sharing agreement with MPN is generally expected, where applicable and possible, to –


q       Review the MPN Overview, Traffic and Demographics presentation to better understand the various capabilities and offerings available via Minority Professional Network.

q       Review the Employer Advertising Summary Intro & Site Reference Guide to better understand MPN specific offerings and solutions targeting diversity-focused employer recruiting, marketing, and branding initiatives and requirements.

q       Review the General (or Non-Employer) Advertising Summary Intro & Site Reference Guide to better understand MPN specific offerings and solutions targeting prospective non-employer clients, including entrepreneurs and small business owners, non-profit organizations, authors, artists, event planners, online and offline networks, web site operators and any others seeking marketing or branding exposure for their products, services or announcements, or to increase support for their events, meetings, organizations, conferences, web sites, networks, etc.

q       Post one or more of MPN’s online promotional marketing display images on the Agency Web Site that will link directly to the MPN home page -  A sample MPN’s online animated promotional buttons can be downloaded from the following page -  

q       Include MPN’s clickable marketing display promotional image and/or one page marketing flyer - at least once per month in electronic dissemination to all of your e-Communications members or subscribers.

q       Make hard copies of MPN’s Ľ page marketing postcard and/or one page marketing flyer available to members, customers, office visitors, colleagues, and other progressive persons.

q       Generally encourage those you know or come in contact with – especially, diversity-focused employers, governmental agencies, recruiters; progressive culturally diverse corporate, business, organizational and student professionals; entrepreneurs / business owners and event planners.  Encourage such persons and others to visit the MPN site, advertise their various opportunities, products, services or functions, and/or to subscribe to newsletters to benefit from MPN’s robust and value-added site and offline service offerings.




MPN will share 20%  (twenty percent) of the “net revenue” realized and received from any referrals where the name  is given as the referral source for any orders taken via phone, or selected from MPN’s “OTHER REFERRAL SOURCE” menu list on the MPN “” (credit card orders) and “” (non-credit card orders) forms.   MPN will run a monthly “Revenue-Sharing payout report” the day following the pay period closing date (1st – end of month) and send out Revenue-Sharing payments within three to five business days of the pay ending closing date.  Revenue-Sharing payouts will be disseminated only for the revenue that has actually been received by MPN at the time payroll is processed.  An electronic “Revenue-Sharing” statement will be sent only when a payout has been earned and is thus being disseminated. 


Please note that all Agency Partners must complete and mail a signed copy of the IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) - to the MPN office before disbursement of any Revenue-Sharing payout checks.   


The MPN order and payment processing system are automated, and thus customers may not necessarily require any direct assistance.  Nevertheless, Agency Partners should become familiar with the following MPN site pages to provide assistance, if required –

q       Employer Advertising Offerings -

q       General (or Non-Employer) Advertising Offerings -

q       Partner (Sponsor) Packages -

q       Global Business Directory home page -

q       Global Organization Directory home page -

q       FREE Calendar Listings Interface -

q       FREE Organization Listings Interface -

q       FREE Articles / Press Release / Content Listings Interface -

q       Business Listings Interface -

q       MPN Press Room -

q       MPN Photo Archives - 

q       MPN Newsletter Archives -

q       Start (Credit Card) Order form -

q       Start (Non-Credit Card) Invoice form -


MPN’s scope is global, and its brand and volume are continuously increasing via a fast-growing support base and increasing media coverage from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and Internet articles, links and promotion by other sites.


MPN's summary marketing capabilities, scope, demographics and target audience –


About MPN:

§  “Value Network” Launched in 1998, Web Site Provides Value for All Races, Ethnicities and Genders

§  The Global Career, Economic & Lifestyle Connection™ for Progressive Professionals

§  The Viable Source of Top Talent for Diversity-Focused Employers™

§  Web Site Accessed by 1.7 Million+ Users from all 50 U.S. States and 50+ International Countries

§  300,000+ e-Communications database; 65,000+ unique site visitors per month; 1.5 Million+ server hits per month

§  U.S. Audience Includes Persons of African, Asian, Caribbean, Hispanic & Native American Descent

§  Also Serving Women, and Persons of Arab, Canadian, Caribbean, European, Jewish, Pacific Descent


MPN Content, Resources and Services Include:

§  FREE Global Calendar Listings

§  Job Listings & Career Event Listings

§  FREE Non-Profit Organization Listings/Links

§  News, Articles, Press Releases and Profiles

§  FREE e-Newsletters

§  Global Minority/Women Business Directory 

§  FREE Online Career Center / Resume Posting

§  Employer Advertising and Sponsorship

§  Wealth Accumulation Resources

§  Enhanced General Advertising

§  Entrepreneurship Resources

§  Career, Economic, Lifestyle & Networking Events

§  Student Resources

§  Business & Technology Consulting Services


MPN's primary goals include –


q       Continuously providing relevant, tangible, valuable, robust, beneficial, interesting, and timely information, content and resources to our target market of progressive minority and women professionals across the U.S. and abroad via our global network, website, e-Newsletters, alliances, and offline initiatives.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere Career, Economic and Lifestyle Connection™ global online “value network” and resource center for progressive minority and women professionals and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and abroad.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere online global diversity resource connection and the Viable Source of Top Talent™ for diversity focused employers, recruiters and staffing agencies.

q       Growing, developing and prospering into the premiere global resource connection and advocate for marketing, promoting, and encouraging support of minority business enterprises and member-based organizations and groups.

q       Assisting in the development, mentoring, and support resources for progressive minority students aiming to make a profound impact on society as future entrepreneurs, or corporate, organizational, business, or community leaders or key contributors.

q       Sponsoring offline initiatives that generally encourage and support cultural and diversity awareness and appreciation, minority wealth accumulation and retention, networking, economic development, career development and lifestyle balance.

q       Attracting, rewarding, retaining, developing and promoting enthusiastic, talented, committed and visionary individuals who are excited about the unlimited potential and possibilities of our evolving “value network.”




This agreement automatically expires on 12-31-2004.  However, it can be terminated prior to, at any time, for any reason by either or both parties by notifying the other 30 days in advance in writing via a fax, U.S mail, or e-mail notification.  The persons signing below certify that they are authorized to bind their respective entities to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  Please sign and mail (or fax) this agreement to MPN Office using the information below.



AGENCY PARTNER Authorized Representative














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