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What is the MinorityProfessionalNetwork.com (MPN)?

MinorityProfessionalNetwork.com [MPN] provides the premiere web-based and fastest growing global Career, Economic and Lifestyle Connection™ for mature and progressive minority and women professionals across the USA and around the world, and has become a Viable Source of Top Talent™ for Diversity-Focused employers, recruiters, government agencies and staffing agencies which target talented diverse individuals who can positively impact the bottom line of their company or organization. 

How and when was the idea for MPN created?

MPN is a result of the growth and evolution of the JOBINFOconnection Newsletter, which provided employment information, and the ATLINFOconnection Newsletter, which provided event information.  We have been providing this content to a core base of thousands of target market subscribers and avid supporters across the U.S. since 1998.   On November 30, 2001, we decided to consolidate this information, and to make it available initially across the U.S., and eventually, globally, through this online medium.

What target groups are being reached by MPN?

MPN reaches hundreds of thousands of monthly (and millions annually) of culturally diverse web portal visitors and e-Newsletter subscribers targeted geographical areas across the U.S. and abroad.  All professionals, whether ethnic minorities or not, are benefiting from the career, economic and lifestyle content.  The racial/ethnic groups viewing our site include, but are not limited to African American, Arab American, East Asian Origin, Hispanic Origin, Jewish American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, South Asian Origin, and White/European Origin.

What geographic areas are being targeted by MPN?

The MPN reach covers the world.  MPN now has over 100 Geographical Area, Interest Specific and Global Pages, providing specific content for cities, states, provinces and countries around the globe. 

In addition to user traffic and an audience encompassing all 50 U.S. States,  MPN also has user traffic, subscribers and site resource users from 50+ Non-U.S. countries, including businesses listings, candidate resumes and calendar listings from India, France, Egypt, United Kingdom, Australia, Caribbean Islands, China, Ukraine, ... and a host of other nations.

What types of content are on the MPN web site?

The online MPN content includes information, data and resources of likely interest, relevance or benefit to progressive culturally diverse professionals and those seeking to reach our target audience via marketing display ads, e-Newsletters, and various site listings (calendar events and announcements, articles and press releases, business listings, job listings, organization listings, career events).

Our primary site channels include an Online Career Center, Global Event Calendar, Employer Advertising, General Advertising, Minority Business Network Directory, Minority Organization Network Directory, Student Resource Network, Job Postings Database, Candidate Resumes and Resource Aides; and Entrepreneurship, Wealth Accumulation, and Book Channels. There are also 100+ Geographical Area, Interest Specific or Globalo pages that include events, and local business listings, news items, marketing display ads, and profiles of businesses or individuals.

What are the growth opportunities for MPN?

The online career sites industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the Internet.  Forrester Research has estimated the industry will grow 40% annually from $1.2 billion in 2000 to $7.2 billion in 2005 and continue to grow steadily.  Since the aggregate of the so-called ‘minority’ groups in the USA are growing rapidly and will actually be an aggregate majority in a few decades, we expect incredible growth opportunities for MPN.

Why do employers post jobs on the MPN web site?

Posting positions on MPN will allow employers to reach the top minority candidates across the country.  Since MPN is the growth and evolution of the JOBINFOconnection, it thus has an existing core base of hundreds of thousands of target market subscribers and avid supporters across the U.S. and abroad who have subscribed to this E-newsletter since 1998. 


The talent, experience and skills among MPN subscribers can help both large and small companies fill key positions.  It is more than “diversity.”  It is access to enabling talent to help you improve your bottom line profits.  For more details and rates, please visit our Employer Advertising channel.

Why do businesses, government agencies, organizations, event planners and others market their events, announcements, organizations, products or services  on the MPN web site?

Since MPN is the growth and evolution of the ATLinfoconnection, it thus has an existing core base of hundreds of thousands of target market subscribers and avid supporters across the U.S. and abroad who subscribed to this E-newsletter since 1998. 

Posting dated standard calendar events or announcements, non-profit organization directory listings, and articles and press releases are absolutely free, while site business directory listings start at $5/mo, and will allow your organization or business to reach its target market.  Whether that target market is in a specific city, region, state, province or a national audience, MPN also offers various nominal fee enhanced marketing services that are designed to maximize you exposure by helping you reach the desired target audience via our online content, e-Communications services and/or offline events and initiatives.

For maximum online exposure, MPN also offers various site and e-Newsletter marketing display graphical ads as well as dedicated e-mail broadcast services.

For more details, please review the details on how to advertise now with MPN by visiting the MPN General Advertising channel or Click Here to view the "General Advertising Summary Intro & Site Reference Guide."

What drives traffic to the MPN web site?

The content, uniquely serving the niche market of upwardly mobile minority business professionals, drives traffic to the MPN site.  This content includes career opportunities nationwide and the opportunity to directly network with other individuals belonging to similar minority-based professional groups and organizations.


Secondly, those who come to our site have an opportunity to subscribe to one or more weekly e-newsletters based on their cities of interest.  There is also a Jobs e-Newsletter that leverages information from the MPN Career Center to id job seekers.  These E-newsletters drive the recipients back to the web site for the complete story.  Also, these E-newsletters are frequently forwarded to friends.  MPN’s state-of-the-art online community drives the quantity and quality of traffic that our advertisers and sponsors value.

How large is the MPN team?

Beyond its co-founders, MPN has a team of highly skilled, talented and committed full-time and part-time associates in various capacities across our four distinctive business units (Career Services, Entrepreneurial Services, Consulting Services, Offline Events & Initiatives) and four cross functional support departments (Marketing, Advertising Solutions, Editorial Bureau, Technology). 

In addition, we have established numerous strategic partnerships, consulting and service provider networked alliances, and several affiliate and agency partners to yield the highest degree of value, benefit and targeted results for our user and subscriber community, partners, advertisers, sponsors and supporters. 

Please CLICK HERE to view our various job and partnership opportunities.  Please feel free to Contact Us.














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