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Extra Income Earnings or Future Direct Employment Opportunities



Thanks for your interest in extra income earnings and/or future direct employment opportunities with Minority Professional Network (www.MPNsite.com).


Why should you join MPN's Affiliate Program?



There are absolutely no fees to join our program.


There are no minimum or expected time commitments or other mandates.


There are no restrictions or caps on the amount you can earn by referring (10% initial referral fee) potential clients or advertisers, or directly closing (25% commissions) business with revenue generating advertisers and clients.


You can passively participate as a Referral Affiliate Partner (RAP) and receive a 10% referral fee on the initial net revenue transactions.


You can actively participate as a Revenue Generation Partner (RGP) and earn 25% commissions on an ongoing basis for all revenue you directly close.


We offer a robust portfolio of online, e-marketing and offline offerings and services that can benefit a broad audience of potential clients and advertisers (e.g., corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, medium and small businesses, sole proprietors, academic institutions, event planners, authors, artists, etc.).


General Offerings


Employer / Large Entity Offerings  


Our online and e-marketing advertising options encompass 200+ multi-content calendar+ pages, 75+ business directory pages, 75+ nonprofit directory pages and 100+ dedicated e-marketing lists.




How Much Can I Earn and How Do I Signup?


Please click on the links below to learn more about our company, this program, and how to register.



MPN Affiliate Program Summary Overview and Registration


How Much Can I Earn?


Frequently Asked Questions


About Minority Professional Network (clients, services, offerings)


Revenue Generation Tools, Scripts and Resources


Can I become a Direct Employee of MPN?


Please note that there are not any requirements or mandates that one transition from our affiliate program to become a direct employee. 


However, any persons expressing a current or future interest in direct employment with our company will have several factors (i.e., demonstrated knowledge and growth, communications, professionalism, style, competency, commitment, consistency, performance, results produced, etc.) reviewed and evaluated on a monthly basis to determine if they're eligible for direct hiring consideration. 



Terms and Conditions


The current referral fee and commissions payout percentages have remained virtually the same since our global online web portal - www.mpnsite.com was launched in 2001.  However, we reserve the right to make any changes or amendments to our affiliate program for any reason, including in response to changing financial or business conditions while maintaining the solvency of our company. 




Again, thanks for your interest in becoming a contributing member to the ongoing fiscal success of MPN. 


We wish you all the best and continued success.


C.J. Bland

Founder & CEO

Minority Professional Network, Inc.

MPN Independent Affiliate Partner Program

Minority Professional Network (MPN)

USA Toll Free: 888.676.6389

Direct: +1 (770) 322.9323

Email: Support@MPNmail.com

www.MinorityProfessionalNetwork.com   or   www.mpnsite.com



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